Mint Chocolate Chip POM Switches
Mint Chocolate Chip POM Switches
Mint Chocolate Chip POM Switches
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    Mint Chocolate Chip POM Switches

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      Estimated to ship in Q4 2021

        The Mint Chocolate Chips are a tactile switch with the same housing and stem composition of the Durock POM linear switches with a T1 stem. The tactility is nearly equal to that of the Boba U4T's, similar to the snap of biting into a piece of chocolate. The Mint Chocolate Chips are among the smoothest tactiles on the market, and provide a high, poppy sound.


        Quantity of 1 = 10 switches



        • Tactile
        • 63.5g Spring
        • Full POM Housing
        • 5 pin housing
        • Mystery Stem Material Composition
        • Factory Lubed

        Sold and shipped by AlphaKeys.


      • US: JKeys Design
      • CA: AlphaKeys (You're here)
      • EU: MyKeyboard
      • UK: Protozoa
      • CN: zFrotnier

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